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Classical art academy

Welcome to Atelier Madrid

Classical art academy

Founded in 2013, Atelier Madrid is a space dedicated to teaching the classical process of drawing and painting in Madrid.
The purpose of the Atelier is to offer complete knowledge that allows the student to dedicate themselves professionally to painting. For this, we set up a continuous course that differs enormously from the concept that we usually have of an academy or a school.

The Atelier is designed in the same way as the old Water Street studio in NY, where Arantzazu Martinez y Mikel Olazábal, studied.

Every day

We understand from personal experience that whoever wants to be fully trained in classical drawing and painting seeks the most significant amount of time continuity and working hours available.


We value dedication and we are glad to be able to offer the most personal and appropriate environment to develop the concentration needed to learn.

Your space

Throughout the training period the student has their own reserved personal space.

Personal motivation

We appreciate that the interested student has their own personal motivation and the ability to carry out their work in an environment entirely dedicated to classical training.

How the Atelier works

Training period

During the training period, each student will personally experience and learn the academic process step by step.
They will do so without compromising to any time limit. Teaching is completely individualized and constantly adapted to each student´s learning and development pace.
From the first moment the students will focus their work on the observation, understanding and representation of reality.


The process begins by drawing casts of sculptures with graphite in the classical and traditional way. Through the direct visual observation and analysis of the sculptures, developing the fundamental techniques to express light, volume, textures and proportions in which objects are perceived.
The student will face and understand these and many other concepts through practice, being able to develop their skills fluently under the teachers guidance.


Subsequently, once the different objectives and aspects of drawing have been internalized, we introduce oil painting.
We start with Black and White and then move on to color by experimenting with different reduced color palettes.
We develop minimal color combinations to represent what we see with the greatest possible realism. In this way we understand color in a very natural and simple way.


Once the technical principles are understood and practiced, the live model is the next step.
While studying the live model, we work again on the light and the volume of the complex forms of reality with pencil.
Then we incorporate black and white oils followed by the colors of a reduced palette until all the colors desired by the student are used.

Learn Drawing and Painting the Classical way



  • 20 or 40 Hours per week from Monday to Friday
  • Part time from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m
  • Full day from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m

The work space is open from Monday to Friday. There are two schedule options: 20 weekly hours of work (from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m) or full-time (from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m).
The days of personalized instruction for each student are Tuesdays and ThursdaysThe other days will be spent by the student developing the work and putting into practice all the information learned at their own pace.

Small Group of Students

Since it opened in 2013, Atelier Madrid has always sought to teach individually and personally way to a group as committed as possible to train and grow in the academic artistic fundamentals.

The space can house a group of 15 students dedicated to the process of drawing and painting with plaster sculptures.
For this reason we ensure that the majority of the workspaces are used by students interested in 20 hours or 40 hours a week with the aim of flourishing the maximum creative potential in drawing and painting ability.

Work environment

At the Atelier we consider vital the pleasure of daily focused learning in drawing and painting at an unhurried paced.
A harmonious rhythm that allows us to develop the work as optimally as possible for both the student and the group of study partners.
The Atelier is also our personal studio , where we work daily on our own artistic work.
The perseverance, dedication and personal commitment on the part of the student are essential to be able to progress adequately in the Atelier.
It is a place for those who enjoy drawing and painting in a welcoming and growing climate.

Student Reviews


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